Q. Can my son attend your camp(s) if he is just a beginner in baseball?
A. If your son has the ambition to get better and has some concept of the game of baseball, then he is more  than welcome to attend camp(s).

Q. How many camps should my son attend?
A. Infield play is about  repetition. The more double plays turned, the more deflections, the more ground balls he can take the better he will become. We recommend attending as many camps as you can. The good ones attend at least 2 camps annually. The best infielders don’t miss a camp. Our goal is to find kids who are driven to improve and want to put in the time and effort it takes to be the best infielder around. Once we find those kids, or those kids find us, we will do our best to help them develop into possible prospects. So how many camps should a player attend? That’s up to you.

Q. How do I know which camp(s) to choose for my child?
A. We give a description of what each camp is all about on the registration page. It would be best to read through them. If you still have questions, give us a call and we will help you choose which camp(s) would be best for your child. Anyone is welcome to sign up for our Hitting Camps. However, those are limited and fill up very fast.

Q. Do you discount when signing up for multiple camps?
A. If you plan to sign up for four (4) or more of  the summer infield camps, or have multiple children that wish to attend multiple sessions, email Kenny and he will send you a discount code. Also, if you wish to sign up for many camps but do not want to register 1-by-1; you can email Kenny and he can add you to the desired camps manually. Same with payment. If you wish to pay for multiple camps at one time with credit, email Kenny and he can send you an invoice. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Q. Can my son come to your camp if he is left handed?
A. If a lefty does decide to attend an infield camp, the “Total” and "Throwing" camps are recommended. If he attends the Double Play or Playmaker camp, he will play 1B only. Left handers are welcome to attend hitting camp.

Q. What should my child bring with him to camp?
A. The first thing every individual needs to bring to an infield camp is a baseball glove and a bat/helmet to hitting camp. Each participant should look like a ball player and wear a baseball hat. Turf or tennis shoes to any/all of our winter/indoor camps. If we are on grass for summer, spikes are recommended. If we are on field turf, tennis shoes or turf shoes are a good idea. Kids should come to camp dressed comfortable. Shorts or baseball pants with shirt tucked in are recommended for all of our camps. Parents, please mark all equipment with your child’s name so there is no question as to whose piece of equipment is whose. Kids should bring some sort of fluid as our camps provide a good work out. So it is important to stay hydrated. Sunscreen is a good idea for our summer camps.

Q. How will I know I successfully registered?
A. You will receive instant email confirmation when you sign up for a camp.

Q. What forms of payment will you accept?
A. Check, money order, cash, all major credit cards along with PayPal. At this time, we do not have capability for a shopping cart to sign up/pay for multiple camps at one time. Unfortunately, you need to sign up for each camp individually or email Kenny and he can add you to camps manually. If you choose cash at first day of camp, you can pay for all camps signed up for at one time. Or pay at the beginning of each camp signed up for. If you choose to pay on-line, each camp signed up for requires individual payment. Or you can email Kenny and he will send you an invoice with everything added together. We are working to remedy this and we apologize for the inconvenience. 

Q. Can my son come to your camp if he is 6 or 7 years old?
A. Most likely no. Our camps are very fast paced and usually the youngest ages are around 8 or 9. But I will say maybe. You need to get pre-approval from Coach Eilmes. You can call him at 509.863.4605.

Q. What is your refund policy?
A. Money back guarantee. If you are ever unsatisfied with our services, we will give you your money back. If you sign up for a camp and your plans change, we can offer you a credit to a future camp or a refund. Money is secondary to us. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with everything we have to offer. Give us a try, you have nothing to lose.