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About Us

Our number 1 goal is to expose kids to high level fundamentals at an early age. If they can learn these skills at a young age, continue practicing with as many repetitions as possible and work hard during their developmental years; they may have an opportunity to play baseball beyond high school. If you come to any of our camps we will guarantee that you leave our camp a better player.

Tommy Pickens
Kannon Almond

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in developing the best infielders in the NW. We take time to break down every aspect of infield and we pay close attention to the smallest of details. We also drill like nobody else around knows how. Coach Eilmes played shortstop at a very high level and now he teaches it at a very high level. Not only does Kenny explain to kids how it’s done, he can still show them. Coach Eilmes uses the most current drills and techniques used at the highest levels of the game. Our camps are very instructional and very competitive and both of these traits help develop elite level infielders.


A huge trait that sets us apart from others is the fact that we are honest with our players. Good or bad, we tell the truth. We feel it is a disservice if we are not up front with the campers at this point in their development. If you need more reasons why you should train with Kenny, view our testimonial page and you will see nine more reasons why our program is the place to get trained.

Drew Sanchez
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