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Camp Format

Drills, Drills, Drills

Kenny is one of the best infield coaches in this area. He teaches the most current and relevant drills that make players better! 

Samuel Davidson


Our baseball camps have players that compete at every camp! Competition brings out the best in players, plus it’s fun. Kids have taken home cash, baseball cards, new wood bats, autographs, apparel, and more! In 2015, Ricco Longo took home a certified autograph of Derek Jeter!

Ricco Longo

Live Pre-Games

Our pre-games rival any D1 program. They are fast paced that require concentration, effort and skill. NOBODY in this region can duplicate our pre-game routine! If you can hang during our workouts, you can play!

Hainline, Gores, Marshall

Guest Speakers

Over the 17 years we have put on infield camps, we have had incredible people stop by. Former MLB stars Bump Wills, Travis Buck, Kevin Stocker, Jeremy Affeldt, Bill Lee and Lyle Overbay are a few guests. We also bring in coaches and athletes from the highest levels to talk to the kids. Ken Eilmes, Sr. and Mark Rypien spoke at our first ever camp in 2008!

Ken Eilmes, Sr., Mark Rypien

Work Stations

This is where a big part of the development takes place. Kids are exposed to high level drills and given the opportunity to practice with tons of reps and instant feedback.



It is critical for players to see AND hear how/why we teach what we teach. Coach Eilmes can still show the kids techniques that allowed him to be successful at Oklahoma City University.

Kenny Eilmes
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