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Summer Camps


Come see why our program is the hottest thing going in the Northwest! Learn techniques that will get instant results and help prepare your athlete to compete at a high level. Plus, match up against the best players in this area. You can get full details of each camp on the Register page. 

*Pictured is GU commit Ricco Longo in 2016!


When you sign up for infield camp(s), each player will receive

  • Anywhere from 8-59 hours of professional instruction.

  • Repetition matched by no other camp around-period!

  • Position specific fundamentals on glove work, foot work, throwing accuracy, agility, balance, pre-pitch readiness and the mental approach to infield play.

  • Each player will also learn a line of drills that he can use when away from our camps.

  • Camp T-shirt.

  • Camp media guide.

  • A chance to compete with and against the best infielders in the NW.

  • Pictured is Drew Sanchez and Kodie Kolden in 2018.


Back by popular demand, this summer’s giveaways will once again be envelopes. Contents will include autographs, card sets, CASH and more! Prizes will be placed in envelopes (one prize, one envelope). In order to pick an envelope, a player will have to win a “Freeze Out”. We’ll have random freeze outs during the duration of each camp. Someone’s going to walk away with a hundred dollar bill, not to mention 19 other great items. In 2016 Elijah Hainline won a Freeze Out and walked away with a hundred bucks!

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